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Cyber Posix Avatar
Cyber Posix
about 10 years ago

Hey thats pretty good...just work on EQing each part...it sounds like frequencies are clashing...

ComPlex Avatar
about 10 years ago

Rock that fakie! i simply love that part

Luminous (Formerly dApl8ya) Avatar
Luminous (Formerly dApl8ya)
about 10 years ago

I am amazed!

Ma-Lacky Avatar
about 10 years ago

Wow dude amazing track right here!!!!! :D

Oozzie Avatar
about 10 years ago

back for more, hey look at what the power of advertising has done, you guys have already been invited to one of the most prestigious skill groups on this site

ArtWork Avatar
about 10 years ago

I agree with both you guys! Fantastic!!

Audial Avatar
about 10 years ago

Wow... this is superb, great work! one thing I would say is that the chorus is bit static, the strings are just playing one note constantly and the Bass is pretty much playing one note but a different octaves, try using a chord progression to give it some harmonic interest. other than that it is great, well mixed, great sounds, great effects, I'm definitely inviting you to my paramount group for this.

Oozzie Avatar
about 10 years ago

this is AMAZING!!! make more music, you guys kill this studio (in a good way of course)