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PZ Avatar
about 10 years ago

As Anton Smith says: d~‿~b

Heywhatchadoing? Avatar
almost 11 years ago

I dont know what K.Nino is talking about. The vocals are of a really high quality! You really can't get better than that! And I LOVE THIS, one of my fav songs right now and you just made it BETTER! :)

almost 11 years ago

WOW AWESOME HOW DID U GET THE VOCALS!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you listen to my remixes and tell me how they are? I need feedback. Can you remix to I can walk on water by Basshunter? Basshunters the inspiration and why i started doing this music making!

Calum Hood Avatar
Calum Hood
about 11 years ago

K.Nino I could only find this version of the vocals so they're not 100% quality. I also put some fx n stuff on them to change it up a bit. But they're pretty much in sync. There's only one little line thats a bit out from what I can hear anyway

ComPlex Avatar
about 11 years ago

This is increadible! Maybe u should somehow send it to krewella. Ive been obsessed with them for a while now :P

ari Avatar
about 11 years ago

Awesome, you remixed my fav song. C:

*BLANK* Avatar
about 11 years ago

What's with the lyrics? It sounds like it's out of sync. Also, the lyrics sound like a poor quality Acapella. No offense.

Oozzie Avatar
about 11 years ago

srsly that one little dubstep part blows anything i make out of the water, but may i suggest maybe adding one or two more instruments in your climax's i feel as if thats needed in a few other songs of yours. but hey that drop is just too pro. maybe dusk is right, maybe you should try complextro

XJM Avatar
about 11 years ago

this would be an awesome tune to play at a party :)

Whyyy_ Avatar
about 11 years ago