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about 2 years ago


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over 2 years ago

Rats, rats, we're the rats We prey at night, we stalk at night, we're the rats [King Rat] I'm the giant rat that makes all of the rules [All Rats] Let's see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into

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false blonde
over 3 years ago

One of the unfortunate realities of my business is the sheer quantity of music that goes unreleased because I cannot find vocalists. This is the only reason I now sing on my records myself. Of these demos, there are many more just like them- compositionally complete, but functionally obsolete. I waited so long for someone to sing over them I improved too much in the interim. Again, such is life.

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false blonde
over 3 years ago

My premium is about to expire, so I'm posting some of my favorite old WIPs from the last year or so before I go. These songs are all good, but I have many that are better, and I do not have enough time to fix them. They are from a time when I was less technically skilled and no longer meet my standards. Such is life. I literally have over 100 demos (I use a spreadsheet to keep track of them all, there's a LOT of them) in the works and a truly exciting 2021 and beyond to look forward to.