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Big Roshi
over 8 years ago

8/10 originality: You didn't edit the wub machine's scream sound at all at the end. Plus, you used a very common chord progression. 9/10 Creativity: Very creative, and a nice new sound. 7/10 skill: I don't think you showed full potential here. I've heard your other songs and they are amazing (occasionally) but you lack consistency.

almost 9 years ago

hey my names Peter, but i agree on the repitiveness

almost 9 years ago

Wow. This was like going back your hometown only to find that all of your friends and family are dead. Please take out the wubs at the end and do something different. I would love to score the rest of the song...? Anyway originality 10/10, very good, creativity 9/10 I appreciate good mau5y trance when I hear it...and skill 6/10. Bro, no wubs are needed for the love of Peter. Overall 25/30.

almost 9 years ago

7/10 On Originality: 7/10 On Creativity: 7/10 On Skill: Using ur own notes and that wub part at the end kept ur score decent but overall just way too repitive. It went nowhere for me. It's lacks keeping the listener entertained A 21/30 from me

almost 9 years ago

Really like this.Good job :)

almost 9 years ago

Score for DSMS!! Skill 6/10 u created your notes but then you just looped em'. creativity 5/10 gets waaaay too repetive man. song dorsn't really go anywhere. orginality 7/10. total 18/30. :)