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ER_0R (And-Die) Avatar
ER_0R (And-Die)
about 6 years ago

Dude, you should definitely get Saul @BASS4ROG to rap to this it would be so dope!

IycePhoenixx Avatar
over 6 years ago

Can't remember the last time I listened to this song, I forgot all about it, but it's so dope, had to comment again!

KryptiK BeatZ Avatar
KryptiK BeatZ
about 7 years ago

Very groovy!

Smaj-Li Avatar
about 7 years ago

can i use this as my theme song on my youtube channel? i will give u credit in all my videos!

No Limitz Avatar
No Limitz
over 7 years ago

0,0 +1

Clever Whiz  Avatar
Clever Whiz
over 7 years ago

where did you get those vocals? This is AWESOME!

blzr. Avatar
over 7 years ago

My ears fell off my head! You know what ur doing man Xd

Dr.Music Avatar
over 7 years ago

Awesome song! You didn't wreck this song! LOL

isigamer9000 Avatar
almost 8 years ago

plz download LINK THIS IS EPIC

IycePhoenixx Avatar
almost 8 years ago

Retro Halloween rap song. Nice work!