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Xephyr Avatar
almost 7 years ago

Sounds a bit like Hotline Miami.

Solemnlux Avatar
over 7 years ago

I greatly appreciate all the positive feedback ( :

false blonde Avatar
false blonde
over 7 years ago

I love that soundpack. Nice job!

Drakko Avatar
over 7 years ago

Spacey. Like the GIF, by the way.

anthony balacco Avatar
anthony balacco
over 7 years ago

OHMYGOD! this song is amazing! nice job man!

Lynxed Avatar
over 7 years ago


Foresight Avatar
over 7 years ago

Absolutely perfect. Love the tension these melodies have in comparison to the chords :D Amazing work.

Sean Foxx Avatar
Sean Foxx
over 7 years ago

Love it!

3de World Reject Avatar
3de World Reject
over 7 years ago

Nice tune man.

Jubblett‮​​ Avatar
over 7 years ago

Holy crap! This is amazing. Keep this up! One thing, though, some melodies sound a little out of tune with others, and the kick seems to be a little muddy. Other than that, though, it's great! Have a like.