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Peril. We hit 200 followers!!! Avatar
Peril. We hit 200 followers!!!
almost 4 years ago

Such a beautiful song. I can tell that you really miss this girl and I hope that you see her again soon. You poured your heart into this song and I could fell the sorrow. I cried with this song. There is only one other song that does this to me and it explains my life perfectly. You are a true musician. And I hope that you have an amazing life with who I hope you will soon find again. A five star song with many feelings. This song spoke to me. Amazing job.

Andreas Avatar
about 7 years ago

Wow! Sorry to hear about the girl but man what a track.

Still Jaywalking Avatar
Still Jaywalking
about 7 years ago

You can tell when someone actually makes something out of what they are feeling

Fraz Bag Avatar
Fraz Bag
over 7 years ago

The feels, man. <3

Foresight Avatar
over 7 years ago

Stunning. I can tell you poured your heart into this. I hope you see her again soon.

ozcii Avatar
over 7 years ago

this is art

overdoze Avatar
over 7 years ago

<3 <3 <3

BaconBurger Avatar
over 7 years ago

<3 I hope you two see each other again man

prince///josiah Avatar
over 7 years ago

I fell so deeply in love. We've had our ups and downs. Even if you're thousands of miles away. Beyond borders. Or off the grid. Ill always love you. And never will I forget you. Ive waited 17 years of my young life to stumble upon someone like you. And I'll wait another 17 just to see you again. Until next time. I'll Be Missing You Samara <3