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Trell Avatar
over 3 years ago

My name ain't Clyde, but I'll make your parents hide. I don't kno what to decide. Got a TV called a Roku. I really like to fight. But I'll knock you out on sight. Some of these rappers r the same. They should be on Hall of Shame. I should b on Hall of Fame. I am not the one to test, bc Imma put you to rest. I'm like Bruce Lee, but I'll put your life in misery. His body is a mystery. I'm buff like Broly. I roll like a Rollie Pollie. I just copped a Range Rover. It's green like a four leaf clover. You better not shove. Imma send u wit a dove.

Lucky _Clov3r_Xm@n Avatar
Lucky _Clov3r_Xm@n
over 3 years ago

I ain't no Berleezy. Stuff ain't easy peasy. I'm pretty greasy. Did the sumo flip like Bonzai. My power level is 10 times. I like ya cut g. Take it easy. You can't see me. like I'm John Cena. I'm in the arena. Doing FU's more like F5's.

over 3 years ago


KaI Avatar
Soundation Crew
over 3 years ago

Perfect from the beginning till the end. You just got featured in the #Urban group!

[PROD @YBP] Avatar
over 3 years ago

ooooooooooooo this fire right here