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Selfee Avatar
almost 11 years ago

very nice. love what you done with the attack in the intro. it sounds pretty simplistic to me but it really doesn't matter, it still sounds awesome. my only real problem is that your second drop kinda feels like it ends abrubtly and i reckon the third drops lead keyline should keep playng. when you get rid of it, it kinda ruins the mood of it. still gets a like from me

VTine Avatar
about 11 years ago

This is such a nice track. Great Job!!

Holy Nasty (Formally There) Avatar
Holy Nasty (Formally There)
about 11 years ago

thanks bud and yea i just did

UrbanNiche Avatar
about 11 years ago

Hi There could you add your track to my group so I can feature it please?? Great tune. http://soundation.com/group/urbanniche

DJ Emery Avatar
DJ Emery
about 11 years ago

That sounds sick!