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about 8 years ago

Hey I'm a judge from SMF 2012! :D Creativity: 2/5: All of it is pre-made loops, not much creativity here. Originality: 2/5, again as mentioned all of the sounds are over-used loops, no originality here. Skill Level: 1.5/5: Seriously, not meaning to be harsh but it does sound like a bunch of sounds randomly put together. I think all you need to do right now is try to pick out which rhythms and melodies meld together well.

Big Roshi
about 8 years ago

Hey! I'm a judge for Music Festival 2012! Creativity - 2/5 (All pre-made loops, but it does vary throughout) Originality - 2/5 (Once again, you really didn't make anything, except putting the song together of course. Try using the custom notes, make a very simple song and work from there!) Skill Level - 2/5 (The songs flow is not really that good, and the ending needs work, and the wubs don't really fit together.)