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Heywhatchadoing? Avatar
over 10 years ago

Hey I'm a judge from SMF 2012! :D Creativity: 2/5: All of it is pre-made loops, not much creativity here. Originality: 2/5, again as mentioned all of the sounds are over-used loops, no originality here. Skill Level: 1.5/5: Seriously, not meaning to be harsh but it does sound like a bunch of sounds randomly put together. I think all you need to do right now is try to pick out which rhythms and melodies meld together well.

Big Roshi Avatar
Big Roshi
over 10 years ago

Hey! I'm a judge for Music Festival 2012! Creativity - 2/5 (All pre-made loops, but it does vary throughout) Originality - 2/5 (Once again, you really didn't make anything, except putting the song together of course. Try using the custom notes, make a very simple song and work from there!) Skill Level - 2/5 (The songs flow is not really that good, and the ending needs work, and the wubs don't really fit together.)