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Created July 16, 2018

Christmas contest

Christmas is finally over!

Thank you for all your submissions! Excuse the delayed announcement. Unfortunately, there were a lot of songs that weren’t made using Soundation or couldn’t be verified so some of the runner-ups were disqualified.

Congratulations to the winners, expect a magic upgrade and a DM.


1st place

Hyphen was a bit OP in this contest, he’s had his share of features and it’s surprising he’s still squeezing things out on a free account. It’s time bro. Very smooth production and a nice play on the jingle bells melody.

2nd place

Hard trap beat with some Xmas elements in it, the mix is a bit off and it could need some more dynamics and switch-ups, but all in all, well played.

3rd place

Very well-arranged and full-bodied production. It would have landed second place if it had some Christmas in it. Mix tip: tune your compression wisely, dial it back a little bit and don’t go ham on it all the way through – the end result will sound a lot more professional.


Thanks Moon for putting this together!


Evanation  Avatar
2 days ago

Congrats to the winners. Well deserved.

Lil Hot Rod Avatar
Lil Hot Rod
3 days ago

took them long enough

Xastoliam Avatar
5 days ago

Thanks @Hyphen <3

Hyphen Avatar
5 days ago

My congratulations also to JOBEATZ2 AND Xastoliam, very well done you guys!

Hyphen Avatar
5 days ago

Omg I WON!?!?! Thank you so much everyone!!

Missiony Avatar
5 days ago

lets gooo

Xastoliam Avatar
5 days ago

@Amber Same

JoBeatz2 Avatar
5 days ago

Congrats all, thank you. Im so happy!

Amber  Avatar
5 days ago

YES! i knew hyphen would win lmao

sharpieking332068 Avatar
5 days ago

Congrats everyone. Im happy if you were the winners but damn, I feel so down now. I really put a lot into this. I guess im not as good as i thought.