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Created October 29, 2012

The Logo Creator

Request a logo or graphic! Comment below to do so.


NOTE: Full resolution images are available by request. These images are fine for most profile images. Just PM me if you want the full-up image.

Fugie’s second: http://tinyurl.com/tlcfugie2
FireMeetsIce’s: http://tinyurl.com/tlcfiremeetsice
DJThunderstorm’s: http://tinyurl.com/tlcdjthunderstorm
wyatt17’s: http://tinyurl.com/tlcwyatt17
Sound of Supremacy’s: http://tinyurl.com/tlcsoundofsupremacy
Anirath Robin’s: http://tinyurl.com/tlcanirathrobin
BASS4ROG’s: http://tinyurl.com/tlcbass4rogfix
ImperialGold’s: http://tinyurl.com/tlcimperialgold
Snow Fox’s: http://tinyurl.com/tlcsnowfox
DJ L.J’s (Option 2): http://tinyurl.com/tlcliamboi486solid
DJ L.J’s (Option 1): http://tinyurl.com/tlcliamboi486dotted
MΛ➩ŁΔCҚY’s second: http://tinyurl.com/tlcma-lacky2fix
DJ Brisk: http://tinyurl.com/tlcdjbrisk
Converse Connection’s: http://tinyurl.com/tlcconverseconnectionfix
MΛ➩ŁΔCҚY’s: http://tinyurl.com/tlcma-lackyfix
Fugie’s: http://tinyurl.com/tlcfugiefix


DJSkully Avatar
almost 8 years ago

check out my tracks and criticize me https://soundation.com/group/Dead-DJs https://soundation.com/user/DJSkully

Hamsty Avatar
about 8 years ago

https://soundation.com/t/d6pbn <- lets check new track :D and others :]

AlphaRebels Avatar
over 8 years ago

Hi I'm Will I would like a cartoon goldfish with cool sunglasses but a still picture not like my current profile pic please

Overdrive Avatar
over 8 years ago

Plus my current avatar is kinda plain.. a DJ banana

Overdrive Avatar
over 8 years ago

Hi i would like an avatar, wit a sort of street theme, containg 'blocky viking' and my initials (E.K) TNX :p

false blonde Avatar
false blonde
over 8 years ago

Hey guys! I'd really appreciate it if you could check out my Gold Skies remix here and vote for it in Cal's contest here . Any support is greatly appreciated.

beatonthebass Avatar
almost 10 years ago

hey could you guys hook me up with a cool logo for my profile

REVIL K Avatar
almost 10 years ago

Can you make a logo for this? http://soundation.com/user/Oliverkauf/track/waiting-for-you-rough-copy.

BaconBurger Avatar
almost 10 years ago

Hi can you create a logo for my competition "SONG WARS" don't care what it looks like, just make it look cool :)

Paradox Avatar
about 10 years ago

Could you make sometin' that has the earth in it and my username or initals(qpw)? My logo right now is pretty...um..."boring" try to keep the bacckground blue and green.