Created March 26, 2013

The Best or Nothing

Who’s the best? Join the contest for the best!! Post your track and you will win, or fall down. Also an importunity to advertise your song.


over 7 years ago

Hi liquid nitrogen is a remix I made by a dj called Josh Wink who made his track 'a higher state of consciousness' in the 1990s I think? Anyways pls check it out and you'll make my day! :)

false blonde
over 7 years ago

I will show you how a master does it. I make my music without loops, I only use grit, spit, and a whole lot of duct tape. My track Flow will win, guaranteed.

Da Beast
over 7 years ago

Listen to "Show Me" my new song! Also check out my Soundation Account Da Beast! Also, join my group, "Only Ones Who Can".