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Created May 26, 2015

The Fantasian's Dream

For those who want nothing more than to be who they are and make the music they want to make. If you are free-spirited, eccentric, radical, and held bound by nothing, The Fantasians’ Dream is the group for you. We accept all kinds of music, and appreciate all ideas given. If you feel you don’t have the hang of song-making, the more experienced members will show you the way of the Fantasian.


🐺🌺GÅLÅXY WØLF🌺🐺 Avatar

Im making this group more active now get you buts up and talk or even make music and posting it!

Ooz!e454 (Using the studio limitedly) Avatar

Thanks Quake! I'll go to make this group active. More to come. Stay Tuned! :)

Eukalyptical [ON HIATUS] Avatar
Eukalyptical [ON HIATUS]
over 8 years ago

I am very honored to have a featured track in my group! ^-^ Kudos to you, @Oozie454, for making it to the top! :D

LimeZ Avatar
almost 9 years ago

Sup pplz :)

Checkout my NEW ACC Avatar
Checkout my NEW ACC
almost 9 years ago

Oh hi all new memebers! :)