Created September 01, 2015

Super Sound

This is a collab group for users to band together in the name of making some sweet noise ;)

All DAWs are welcome.

All experience levels are welcome

All styles are most certainly welcome

Collaborators are free to use the name “Super Sound” in their music. It may be used as a Pseudonym.

GOAL: Create an environment for artists to collaborate on music. By pulling together artists and producers from all corners of the world (and internet) we will be known as the Super Sound.

This group is invite only. Users in this group must be active. This group will extend beyond Soundation.

I will make sure I don’t forget that this group exists! 0:)


over 6 years ago

it's not the best looking of logos..... but I definitely try!! :D my GIMP skills r gud :V

over 6 years ago

Perfect! Once i get my new laptop (hopefully very soon) ill be looking for a lot of collabs