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Sugar Empire | Submission / Contact Group Profile Picture
Created February 03, 2016

Sugar Empire | Submission / Contact

/ Welcome to the Sugar Empire group. /
Here you can submit your track to Sugar Empire.
We accept these genres:

/ Chill / Future / Experimental / Midtempo / House / Indie /

/ Submission /
After you’ve posted a track in this group that we feel is good for promotion, we will contact you through PM for further details.
Note that we only accept tracks that are 3 minutes or more.

/ What is Sugar Empire exactly? /
Sugar Empire is a promotion page on Soundcloud, founded by Ozcii and Téng.
We upload every Monday and Friday.
We’re partnered with two other promotion pages on soundcloud:

and Zenith.

/ Contact / Links /
- sugarempirecollective@gmail.com
- Soundcloud
- Twitter
- Submission Guide for Email Submissions
- Submission Form


over 7 years ago

I noticed that on SoundCloud, you deleted the submission links. Are you guys still accepting submissions or are you uploading just, whatever you want?

sub arc Avatar
sub arc
over 7 years ago

Hi, do me a favour and listen to my new track VENTURA, here: https://soundation.com/user/Sub-Archaic/track/v-e-n-t-u-r-a Let me know what you think of it. Thx in advance, SA

sub arc Avatar
sub arc
almost 8 years ago

https://soundation.com/user/Sub-Archaic/track/sexy-girl new song. Would be great if you checked it out and thx in advance. SA

Foresight Avatar
about 8 years ago

You gotta invite like a bunch more people to this group man lol. There's only 27 members

Tc-5 Official Avatar
Tc-5 Official
about 8 years ago

does this fit to the genres? : https://soundation.com/t/d7f0c

sub arc Avatar
sub arc
about 8 years ago

Would appreciate if you listened to it https://soundation.com/user/Sub-Archaic/track/sunset thx in advance, SA

Midi Queen Avatar
Midi Queen
about 8 years ago

I Joined :)

LIL-R Avatar
about 8 years ago

ok i can do that

ozcii Avatar
about 8 years ago

@LIL-R Well, not on soundation, but on email it would be nice to recieve a file yes

dxtr! Avatar
about 8 years ago