Created November 25, 2012


This group is full of Soundations very first generation of music. The people in this group have used soundation since it was introduced to them these people include producers of 2o10, 2o11, and 2o12, compare your gen with the first gen enjoy what is today your first generation of soundation music


Misfit Sound
almost 6 years ago

Just posted one of my very first tracks from those who remember me from the past.

about 6 years ago This has vocals and live guitars kind of a nightmare before christmas vibe. If you like it check out my other new song US. Thanks feel free to leave feedback.

almost 7 years ago

This is 6 and a half minutes of the deepest instrumental i've probably ever made so far.

about 7 years ago

One of my biggest dreams is to one day be able to the musical score for a movie. So feel free to check out the newest instrumental I just made.

about 7 years ago

We just started something fantasitc to start the new year. EVERYONE who loves soundation please join our brand new group! :)

over 8 years ago

Can I join this Group?

over 8 years ago

Hi, look at my track. do u like my track?

over 8 years ago

May I be invited to the group? I've been around for a good bit, using Soundation to it's fullest. All my pieces are made completely from scratch, no premade loops. Take a listen!

almost 9 years ago

State of Trance Vol. 3 FTW!

Kracked Ekho / illRipper
about 9 years ago

duskmusicuk ive been here as long as you have and i think we have both come a long way