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Created July 04, 2016


This is my 2nd group, check out my first group at https://soundation.com/group/the-music-brains .
This group really isn’t a contest, so feel free to post what ever you want, and how much you want to post.
Please check out my friend that just joined at https://soundation.com/user/IRock .
1. No cursing
2. No spamming
3. No saying things that may offend someone
4. Have Fun!!!


Raptor Godz Studios Avatar
Raptor Godz Studios
over 2 years ago

Yeeeeeeeeeettttttt! Also i posted a whole lot of stuff!Now you have 62 tracks and etc.

Onimaru Avatar
almost 7 years ago

hi all im basically brand new to soundation and am loving it it, other than this i run a band, play bass and am a part time rappe. so please check out my tracks and feel free to leave some feed back and tips its all Appreciated. cheers phase2 =)

Josh Riker Avatar
Josh Riker
about 7 years ago

Check out my new Electro House track: https://soundation.com/user/jriker1061065306/track/adrenaline-electro-house

AMT Avatar
about 7 years ago

Can we get this trending?

Icestorm Avatar
about 7 years ago

No more songs for 3 weeks! Check out my channel for full explanation!

Josh Riker Avatar
Josh Riker
about 7 years ago


Icestorm Avatar
about 7 years ago

@JoshRiker Thx, I've been playing since I was 5, and I play Guitar! I use synth master, wub machine, bass maker, and drum machine, I do vox and change the sound of it.

Josh Riker Avatar
Josh Riker
over 7 years ago

@InfraSt0rm - Yes, and Electric Guitar. I've been playing about five years, and I hope to do it for a career. What program do you use for your dubstep, or is it just soundation? It sounds good.