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Created March 08, 2013

Rock Soundtracks

This group has a focus on making rock soundtracks and coming up with ideas for garage bands.


Dangermouse Avatar
about 11 years ago

started writing a new song, not finished yet but i wanna know what people think.

Oozzie Avatar
over 11 years ago

hey i created a random proper rock song for you guys

Oozzie Avatar
over 11 years ago

i've posted another song, its not really rock, its a cross between rock, hip-hop and dubstep, its a new style i'm working with, and flat note, i've never necessarily met you but i guess i'm meeting you now, HARRORRO!!!

Flat Note  Avatar
Flat Note
over 11 years ago

your song is pretty good Oozie I met you in the contest as big jelly

Nathanael Avatar
over 11 years ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Kp1DYpNKpQ go listened me music please ^^

Oozzie Avatar
over 11 years ago

i have a rock song.... kinda, and i have a song based on the free sounds you used from the library, but i turned it into a house song.