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Created May 31, 2015

Revolutionary Music

This is the Revolutionary Music submission page!
If you would like to submit a song send it here revolutionarymusicemai@gmail.com with a link to the song and a MP3 download and what genre you’re song is, and all the links to your social media. (Twitter, Soundcloud, Soundation, etc.)
*I will then email/PM you if you made the cut!
*I will try to make a color for each genre of music.
*If it is a remix, It has to have permission from the original producer to be posted on other channels.
*If you have any other questions please PM me or email me.
*Uploads on YouTube will be on Tuesday and Thursday. (If there is no upload I either forgot or I was busy!)
Make sure you go subscribe to the YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8IFffQMdIY0H8tmFm42ZEA
(I have really good music over there) ;)


THOЯN Avatar
over 3 years ago


dead domain Avatar
dead domain
over 8 years ago

Finally here with a new track! Stay frosty! (Haha puns.) https://soundation.com/user/CrescendosProfile/track/snowfall

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dead domain
over 8 years ago

This collab with Boricua was so much fun, and I'm super proud of this track! Feel free to check it out and like it if you do! :3 https://soundation.com/user/CrescendosProfile/track/boricuabecrazy-crescendo-the-rising-stars

U-Neon Avatar
almost 9 years ago

Hi! I just finished my new track I'm super proud of! If you've got time, please check it out :D https://soundcloud.com/anthrazite/red-sky

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dead domain
almost 9 years ago

This track is finally here after months of working on it! I hope it sounds good, and be sure to like the track if you enjoy! https://soundation.com/user/CrescendosProfile/track/over-the-horizon

KSmuthi Avatar
almost 9 years ago

Hi! I haven't ever really pushed my music out there, so I figured I'd start promoting! Here's my track, "Begin". It had a lot of work put into it, after the first release was made in about an hour, this one had an additional hour put into it to master it. https://soundation.com/user/ksmuthi/track/trap-begin-remastered Thanks so much for listening!

DUTCH Avatar
almost 9 years ago

I am wanting to give you the track but atm Im too tired and I wanna be sure if you are going to upload or not :P https://soundation.com/user/LDM/track/dnb-earth-the-elemental-700th-track