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Created February 10, 2021

Remake/Remix Challenge

This group is for remix of any song or track, or remakes of songs. This requires you to put in hard work and dedication to any track you make that is already a song.

You may import loops to help you, not the song or the instrumental version. The benefit of the doubt is given among all who remake a song. We wanna keep people from getting banned or suspended from soundation. So use it to your advantage.
Also you may upload beats that you think rappers would use in one of their songs, be sure in the title to name the rapper who you think would use it.

The chat is open freely but only to spotlight other remakes not originals or loops.

Make sure that you go follow Yungyeeziboi the remake/remix king here on soundation.


𝐼C̷̢̛̠̤̣͚͉̬͕͖̹̑̍͝HRØℕ𝕀ℂ Avatar

i make remake

yungyeezyboi Avatar
about 3 years ago

np whovever wants to collab ill work with them

yungyeezyboi Avatar
about 3 years ago

No problem if yall need help with aything pm me

@JMONEY25 Avatar
about 3 years ago

Thank you yung yeezy boi for featuring my track!

yungyeezyboi Avatar
about 3 years ago


👉ʀᴇʟᴀX ʙᴇᴀᴛᴢ👈 Avatar

u self promoted on my track