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Created October 28, 2020

Piano Dreams

Hello Piano Dreamers! My name is MOOD! This group is for your best piano songs that you have ever made. They do need to be primarily piano, but they are allowed to have other intruments as well. Here are 2 examples of piano songs. Synth example? Axel-F. Actual Piano Example? Piano Man. Your songs don’t need to have singing, or any other instruments, but if you want to add that in… feel free! But remember, this group is for primaraly Piano. Now, what are you waiting for? Show me some Piano Skillz!

No innappropriate songs
No cursing
No innappropriate comments
No bashing other people
Other than that, y’all are good

I will enforce these rules in the comments by giving warnings or eventually asking you to leave the group or remove your song. I just want to make this group as clean as possible, so don’t be offended. It’s not a dislike for you.


Mr.CatFish SPQR Avatar
Mr.CatFish SPQR
almost 3 years ago

what about love and dream keys

josephthegiant Avatar
about 3 years ago

Ok, guys... *huih*... I said. PIANO SONGS. If you want to do other songs, the pls post them in TORNADO or NOOBS CORNER. Otherwise pls don't join this group and post off genre songs. Bxby TJay, the last son u posted is fine, Naruto type beat. But the other songs I need you to not post more like them. They're rly good songs (no, actually I loved them), but they just don't fit with the theme. Not mad, but just need this group to be on topic.

josephthegiant Avatar
over 3 years ago

(Sigh) again guys. This group is not for promoting other content except piano. If you wish to do other songs besides piano I reccomend joining the TORNADO! group. Otherwise, I need y'all to be post piano songs. Can't feature many songs unless most of them are piano.

josephthegiant Avatar
over 3 years ago

FYI everyone, this is a PIANO group. Sooo... your songs do have to be primaraly PIANO.

Peachesꕥ (inactive) Avatar
Peachesꕥ (inactive)
over 3 years ago