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Osu!Standerd, Osu!Mania , Taiko , Catch the Beat Group Profile Picture
Created July 21, 2014

Osu!Standerd, Osu!Mania , Taiko , Catch the Beat

Hello There DJ’s
Welcome to the osu!mania club
Joining the this Group Must Meed the following Criteria:
-You Must Be Playing Osu! (any mode OF OSU! Optional Though)
-If you would like to join write a comment with you osu profile (you must be playing osu for at least one week to prove you really play osu, or if you joined other times)
-Thats it for the Requirements!

The Beggining Of Osu!: osu! begins as a proof-of-concept named “ouentest”. The first version was released on the 1st of July to a small group of peppy’s close friends and featured a very basic edit and play mode. The editor had no seeking or snapping functions, but allowed making simple beatmaps. There were no sliders or spinners at this point, but basic scoring/combo counters were present. The first release took approximately 16 hours of coding time and was done in a single all-nighter. You can view video footage here. pUpdater was introduced (now known as osume) to handle updating to the latest version.

What is Osu?: Osu is a Rythm game so its like a music game where you play with the music there are 4 modes of osu
Osu!Standered : CLICK YO MOUSE, Osu!Mania: TAP TAP TAP, Taiko : ZXCV!!!! , CatchTheBeat : ARROW KEYS!!

Signup for Osu! : https://osu.ppy.sh/

Creator of Osu!: PEPPY and his close friends

Thx :D