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Created November 09, 2012

Orchestra Classic

Orchestra can be an peaceful calm beautiful music, its just not classic popular hits can be played in Orchestra How do I know? I’m in Ochresta my self. And you can also make Hip to the Hop Orchestra music. I have made some my self, but have created them yet. Orchestra Classic is alot of fun.


22053544124274 Avatar
over 2 years ago

hi,i'm a fan of classic music

cane18 Avatar
almost 4 years ago

Finally found one!

Dj AA-I 2nd account Avatar
Dj AA-I 2nd account
almost 8 years ago

me to :D i made a drum n bass orchestra!

M-possible Avatar
over 8 years ago

i'm in orchestra to

Ŧreadr Avatar
over 8 years ago

I do not like orchestra as much as techno (Dubstep, trap, est.) but I like Peruvian music!! so send me a link if u make any... thx!

chiaki nanami Avatar
chiaki nanami
about 9 years ago

I love orchestra too! :D

Anima_kun Avatar
about 9 years ago

Cool! I love orchestra music/stringed instruments xD I play the violin :3

Sam Fumbelwilt Avatar
Sam Fumbelwilt
over 9 years ago

Cool! a group devoted to orchestra music!