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Created March 20, 2015

Official Remix

A lot of people asked me for a sng file of my song Dilemma and here it is finally. If You want to remix my other songs, Just ask. All Sng Files of My songs are posted here.

Dilemma Sng File: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ae2jvf23229el0q/Dilemma_.sng
End Date: May 1st
Time Duration: 3:00 min

Enjoy Remixing! Every remix track should be posted in this group!!

If You Haven’t heard the Original Song, Here it is


Cartsoul Avatar
about 7 years ago

I have my remix of "Dilemma" right here. It might not the best, but I did it because it is my first ever contest participation. www.soundation.com/user/cartsoulsdj/track/dilemma-cartsoul-remix-by-i-d-f-w-y