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Created October 31, 2013

Nightmare Army


Hey all you ghost and ghouls welcome to the dark side of Music Madness. This group is for my friend “Creepypasta Wizard” the wizard of creepypasta. So on this page you will be able to click on links to his narrations, Listen to Dark music, and Never sleep again!!!! ( jk relax ) Anyway i hope you guys enjoy it and remember “SLEEP IS OVERRATED!!!”
and be sure to visit his youtube page : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx62gb5aH7Vy2kcWBvfWuYA


*no bragging
*no putting people down (no negative comments) NO EXCEPTIONS.
*keep the cussing to a limit (you can curse but don’t over do it)
*and have fun.
*be nice
*creepy songs only can be posted

>>>>Competition page: http://soundation.com/group/-weekly-contest

>>>>Main page:http://soundation.com/group/surf-the-music


*SoundKid (a.k.a Blackwolf k13)=NT

*TCPW (a.k.a The Creepypasta Wizard)=NB

*Xephyr = NK



*NT= Nightmare tech (updates the group when NB tell him or her to do update)

*NB= Nightmare Boss (controls everything in the group)

*NR=Nightmare Recruit (post creepy songs)
+many openings

*NK= Nightmare Knight (can ban people breaking rules)
+two more openings

*NM=Nightmare messenger (spread the word about nightmare army)
+two openings

NIGHT NEWSPAPER (updates in general)

*so to those of you who joined this group freely or by invite welcome to nightmare army!!! Secondly we have a few opening in ranks as you can see above. so if you want a rank pm “Soundkid”. But if you want your song to be posted on youtube in a story or not in a story (you will get credited like crazy) pm “TCPW”. in this group we will have some contest (in the competition page of course) and featured music will change when ONE OF US REMEMBERS!!! so we both hope you enjoy your stay at nightmare army and remember to click the link above ( in the welcome board above) to listen to some creepypastas or to subsrcibe and give Creepypasta Wizard some support. And never forget “SLEEP IS OVERRATED


  • (BEFORE READING THIS NOTE THAT IT DOESNT MATTER IF YOUR BAD AT DRAWING OR NOT!!! IM NOT ASKING FOR A MAGICAL AWESOME DRAWING OR PAINTING!!! JUST A SKETCH OF YOUR OC THATS ALL) OC Secret santa: so i’m going to do two special drawings for all my fans and supporters BUT only the people who ask are gonna be in them sadly. I cant fit 30 or 40 people into one page so here’s how it’s gonna work. There will be 10 Openings for the first Drawing. (just to be fair) To be one of the 10 people in the drawing in the you will have to send me a picture of your OC and of course ask to be in the drawing. Pm me a link of the drawing or the drawing itself or send it to me via email: soundkid123@gmail.com or if you have a manga magazine account send it to me on my MM account:http://www.mangamagazine.net/authors-and-artists/SoundKid/detail-page/76947
  • For the second sketch there are only 5 openings but these opening will be for chosen people of my choice (meaning begging will not help) So that’s it for now hope you ALL KEEP SHINING LIKE THE MADNESS STARS YOU ARE!!!

    BTW: as a bonus to those who participated your oc’s will of course be redrawn and be posted on my MM account for all to see and you will all get credited like crazy and get feature on my soundation group!




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    Hi, Bye

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    over 3 years ago


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    almost 7 years ago

    I'm late, but I'm here now.

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    Pew Health
    over 8 years ago

    I like this playlist We've grown to love Minecraft, but it may not love us back. New Honest Game Trailer! http://playminecraft.org.uk

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    about 9 years ago

    Please listen to this music. 【Romp】 http://soundation.com/user/roughtice/track/romp

    VTine Avatar
    about 9 years ago

    What can you live without? No matter what you say, it will always be nearly impossible to live without any imagination http://soundation.com/user/willie-valentine/track/live-without

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    over 9 years ago

    http://soundation.com/user/dropithard/track/mario-overworld-remix Hey guys check out my mario mix!

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    over 9 years ago

    Whats an OC?