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Created March 14, 2012

Next Gen Music Army

Anyone is welcome to show off their music production talents.
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Welcome to the Army!


Eric  Avatar
almost 7 years ago

Hello :)

Checkout my NEW ACC Avatar
Checkout my NEW ACC
almost 8 years ago

New track! https://soundation.com/t/d1h3m

false blonde Avatar
false blonde
about 8 years ago

http://soundation.com/user/_ed/track/exigent my new track "Exigent" is out! Be sure to check it out.

Smiylur Avatar
over 8 years ago

Check out my only single so far! if you like dance and trance then give me a click and hit the share

Rudam Bandara Avatar
Rudam Bandara
over 8 years ago

Hey Guys Check Out My Songs Btw Im New To Soundation so plz dont laugh at my songs

ZajiHatsu (AKA) Zaji The Wanderer Avatar

Been on here for a while, if you want to check on my tracks, click mi name.

supersonix Avatar
almost 9 years ago

just posted a WIP, Be honest with your feedback plz... :)