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Created September 04, 2016

Musical Help (information, tips and tricks)

Help out other Soundation.com users with information and tips on how to make, start making music. Post tips, tricks and information for those who have just started, are finding it hard to use instruments and don’t know how to use Soundation.com.

Anyone can post!

Rules – No swearing or arguing
Be nice, it is not easy for some to make music
Don’t debate on which genre is which, if someone makes a mistake,
and doesn’t understand a genre or how to make it. Give them advice.
Have fun, and make music.

Admin, Editor Wardash (editor)

Remember, anyone can join and post.

Happy music making :)


WarDash Avatar
over 7 years ago

Tip - To make your midi (ready made sounds) Faster or slower without changing the bpm, at the top, the last button on the left hand corner, there's a P button, press that and go to your midi (Ready made sound) and drag it to the length you want :)