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Created January 08, 2014

MidNightClub Tracks

Upload your tracks! Decent and Good tracks, that make you feel like you are at a dance club or feel like dancing! or just an overall good track. Anyone can join, but bring your best tracks! Track it up!——-Please invite your friends or fellow music makers!——-


DJ Bleu
almost 8 years ago

Dont forget to invite!

Sean Foxx
about 8 years ago

Kicking off the week with a new Electro House track. This is the first track I've ever made in FL Studio! Please like and leave a comment. :)

about 8 years ago

thanks for the invite:-)

DJ Bleu
about 8 years ago

yup, invite some other people too, and get this group flowing.

about 8 years ago

hey thanks for the invite