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Created February 26, 2013

Massive Burns


Unorthadox Avatar
about 9 years ago

Hello, producers and things. I work on original guitarstep, and trance almost exclusively. I am looking for a collaboration partner. I've worked with X-Minor, and that didn't last long. The guy almost only uses samples. That's no fun. Hit me up DJTavi.

DjTavi Avatar
about 9 years ago

should we make a song together? I like how you mix it .

DjTavi Avatar
about 9 years ago

Nice songs X-minor you're very good dj xD

X-Minor Avatar
about 9 years ago

Hey, looking to collaborate on an original track with someone. All of my Soundation stuff is with samples, but my SoundCloud has all of my original work, and my remixes. Link is here: https://soundcloud.com/xminorofficial. Anyways, I posted my track Thread, just to let you see something that I like to make. Thanks for listening. If you'd like to collaborate or talk, e-mail me here: XMinorOfficial@gmail.com.