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Created November 21, 2013

Logo Creator Contest


Hey guys! In case you just spontaneously clicked the link as soon as you saw the word “contest”, here are the guidelines of the event.

~The Logo will be for my group, The Music Makerz
~Winner obviously get’s their picture set as the profile picture for the group and get’s promotions from anywhere I can get people to see it.
~I will need the image sent to a dummy email (devilstop67@gmail.com) where all of them will be stored.
~The only official Judge will be me and a few others who not only are experienced in the artistic field but also friends.
~The resolution can be anything as long as the words “Music Makerz” is visible in the profile pic, any submissions that don’t follow this to a point will not be qualified, sorry.
~Honestly, just have fun. If it’s becoming too much of a burden to continue, just send me whatever. I don’t need a professional picture, in fact I just need a basic background. I thought it would be a little more involving with our community if I involved you guys. So have fun, do your best, and can’t wait to see the entries!


You do not need to be a professional nor a regular artist to participate. Just go to town and try to make it look good.


prodigy Avatar
over 9 years ago

How do you get the big writing?

almost 10 years ago

yo does it matter when we send it ?

Big Roshi Avatar
Big Roshi
about 10 years ago

Hey guys, for some reason I'm not receiving any of these posts. If you guys are able to, post themm imm.io so I can see them. Thanks!

about 10 years ago

aight i made a wallpaper sending now

Big Roshi Avatar
Big Roshi
about 10 years ago

It will be devilstop67@gmail.com, I'm gonna place it in the description now!

Jubblett‮​​ Avatar
over 10 years ago

What is the 'dummy email'?