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king weirdo - the album Group Profile Picture
Created September 29, 2012

king weirdo - the album

King Weirdo is the First “Album” by Hemenehem, Its not an official release but its more of a collection of the best songs produced by Hemenehem of this Time Period. Most songs featured are from “Audio Reality”

1- [One Zombie too many]
2- Living on the run
3- Arise, My evil
4- Stranded (Can’t let go)
5- Weirdo in a palace…
6- [Dark Matter]
7- Blood on the Canvas*
8- [Tech Beep]
9- A Chicken’s Dream*
10- Symphony of a Zombie
11- Desert of Death
12- Progression…
13- Black hole
14- [Audio Reality]
15- [In the Wings…*]
16- [The Finish]
17- Walk alone
18- Taste The Dirt
19- Swing

Tracks with “*” are original versions of itself, Revamped versions of these tracks will be included with special editions

Tracks Marked with “[…]” are Singles


best friend Avatar
best friend
about 11 years ago

Hello Friend! Great group! I am pleased to join you! Here is my favorite track of my friend AS !!! http://soundation.com/user/anton_smith/track/starry-sky-trance-version