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Created June 20, 2020

Journey Through The Wilderness Album

Journey Through The Wilderness Album

Featuring: HƎX, Katze, Key Lime Canid, Salad, Voxel, & WARHEAD$

Hi everyone! We’re very excited to share with you a bit about the album! Over the past couple months the team and I have worked together to present to you our collaborative album, ‘Journey Through The Wilderness’ which sees 7 different styles of music blended together to form a unique burst of sound!

A quick disclaimer: Although it is my (Noah Millar) album, I cannot deny the fact that most of the workload was carried out by the team, about 90% or more, so therefore credit them for their hard work :)

And now a short word from the team

HƎX: “Firstly I wanna thank Noah for inviting me in taking part of this album, and taking my idea to make a mega collaboration,working on this album has been very fun and dear to me because Noah is a great friend of mine, and as the person finishing off the album I am very greatful for that role, so once again thank you Noah, and may you all enjoy this journey through the wilderness 7/4/2020 remember the date”

Katze: “Firstly, I would like to thank Noah for inviting me onto the project. Not only was doing this probably the most fun I had during these very sad few months due to the you know what, but I also garnered some appreciation for the production style of the other collaborators and for the craft that is making an album with a concept. I would tell you my favorite part of my process, but I’m not sure I had one because everything from making the pfps for the videos to adding my own touches to the specific collab songs I worked on with noah as well as the mega collab were all fun or eye opening in an interesting way and I have one man to thank for that, so to repeat myself, thanking you for letting me hop on this album Noah :)”

Key Lime Canid: “I must say that it has been quite the pleasure to be invited to be a part of this album. I put a lot of time and effort into my track and had a lot of fun making it too. Having a mega collaboration with everyone else here has also been a unique experience to say the least, with the each of us contributing our own little styles to culminate into one exciting anthem. Being able to practice working with other users and being part of a larger project is helping me feel more prepared to progress as a musician. So, I would like to say thanks Noah. :)”

Salad: “In all honesty this is probably the best thing I’ve worked on in a long time and I’m very thankful to be apart of it.”

Voxel: "Thanks to Noah for inviting me to collaborate. This album was a great idea to hype up the soundation community, get more people active, generate more content for everyone involved and to just have fun. I especially enjoyed the megacollab. If you listen carefully you can hear everyones distinct styles and genre choices and i really think this “Journey” lives up to its name.
I hope you have as much fun listening to our music, as we did making it."

WARHEAD$: “Alright I’d like to say thank you Noah for offering me to join you guys I’m not a very skilled producer and I’d like to thank you for allowing me to join you even though I’m not that good my track is a jungle trap song and it was definitely the best collab experience I’ve had”

Let us know what your favourite songs were with the google forms links provided in the song descriptions!


Voxel - (info in bio) Avatar
Voxel - (info in bio)
over 1 year ago

I cant believe its been over 2 years

attobat Avatar
over 2 years ago

Wow. Just wow

vii Avatar
over 3 years ago


𝕄𝕌𝕊𝕀ℂ 𝓑𝓨𝓣𝓔 ♪  Avatar

Still come here and listen here and there. :D

Cecil G. Avatar
Cecil G.
almost 4 years ago

The theme song, Lime Licuado, Bouncing down, End of the Horizon

HƎX  Avatar
almost 4 years ago

i just tried to take a small break, for an upcoming something ;))) keep an eye out for that

Noah Millar ♪  Avatar
Noah Millar ♪
almost 4 years ago

For me it is :D

𝕄𝕌𝕊𝕀ℂ 𝓑𝓨𝓣𝓔 ♪  Avatar

Is this the reason that many of you have not been posting tracks lately?

berightback Avatar
almost 4 years ago

1. Bouncing Down 2. Rainy Daze 3. Vibrant 4. Tropical Thunderstorm

𝕄𝕌𝕊𝕀ℂ 𝓑𝓨𝓣𝓔 ♪  Avatar

My favorites : 1. The theme song 2. Bouncing Down 3. Lime Licuado 4. Rainy Daze 5. Vibrant