Created March 07, 2012

Ideas and Feedback

Welcome to Soundation’s Ideas and Feedback group! Every month our team will review all your suggestions, ideas, feedback and share with you what we’ve been up to.
Here are what we’ve implemented in April
• Prep for performance improvement in the studio
• Usual bug fixes
And here are the top 10 features you’ve requested. Every feature request that’s similar to an existing one is counted as one vote. We’ll update here once we implement them!
• Add more instruments in the studio – 12 votes
• Implement a collab feature – 9 votes
• Enable BPM automation – 9 votes
• Redo sorting on Users page – 9 votes
• Implement search function for projects in the studio – 8 votes
• Add a sampler – 8 votes
• Add more plug-ins in the studio – 7 votes
• Improve automation – 7 votes
• Enable MIDI file export and save – 6 votes
• Enable users to create a playlist + organize tracks into albums – 6 votes
Don’t see your ideas here? Got some bugs reports? Wanna vote? Share your suggestions and feedback here. We’ll review and add them to the list every month!
This group is co-moderated by ChordsBoy
Updated: 10 May 2019


11 minutes ago

You know what this b.s. sounds like? Anybody here old enough to remember when CocaCola come up with "New Coke" and changed the recipe? Except this time I don't think this will be changed

Miles Findlay
26 minutes ago

So... could you guys put studio 1.0 back? Thanks.

1 hour ago

What are the exact reasons for phasing it out? I want a crystal clear understanding as to why this is happening. Was the coding for it already deleted? Is it expensive to keep both of the studios? Is it too confusing for incoming users to have an option between the old and new? Is there no way to just keep it for older users who prefer it over the new studio? If it's mainly about you guys not wanting to put updates on it, don't even worry about that. You don't have to put updates on the old studio. It's just fine the way it is.

1 hour ago

@Kal so there's no way of getting Studio 1.0 back?

3 hours ago

they also removed automation, sng files, limited projects to 10 save slots, disabled group making and limited exporting to a low-res mp3 for free users

4 hours ago

D: I really hate to say this, but this website is in even worse shape than when I first joined and the original soundation crew had just left. Obviously there isn't enough new upcoming people coming to this website so the profit margin is probably almost non existent and this website is "dying". I don't know what's up with the 10 featured tracks... there's used to be only 3 or 4. Maybe it would be worth investing in some sort of advertising, because if someone just randomly looks up "music making free studio" and comes across soundation, there's no way anyone will find this website.

4 hours ago

Lol @Chordsboy, since when did you become a mod? xD literally I don't know anyone here anymore, just a bunch of new people. Hm the updated studio runs slower than the old one, well it's not even loading the project file

Unique Alias
11 hours ago

AAAA finals started today. doung good so far. 2/5 completed

Soundation Crew
15 hours ago

@Booka, Dwight, Unique Alias, Keylime Pie PMed.

@Keylime Pie, Chordsboy Two votes for a longer track description! And @Keylime Pie good catch on the message about invalid links not showing up. Working on it.

@PatrioticLionheart Automation is free for all, but only exported and published tracks with automation is disabled on a Free plan. 🙂 And yes I realize I sound like a broken record.

Soundation Crew
15 hours ago

@MadiGa One vote for displaying all likes on the track. And good luck with your music career!

@Rob The Beat One vote for automation improvement.

@Outzyder, Shards, SoulessAroun' We're phasing out studio 1.0 so most users won't have access to it anymore. If you're an Intro/Premium user you might still be able to use it, but we won't release any new updates to the old studio anymore so better use Studio 2.0. If you have problems with crashes, pls know we're working on that!