Created March 07, 2012

Ideas and Feedback

Welcome to Soundation’s Ideas and Feedback group! Every month our team will review all your suggestions, ideas, feedback and share with you what we’ve been up to.
Here are what we’ve implemented in February
• Implemented a new Premium feature: Groups creation
• Bug fixes to reduce crashes and corrupted projects in the studio
And here are the top 10 features you’ve requested. Every feature request that’s similar to an existing one is counted as one vote. We’ll update here once we implement them!
• Add more instruments in the studio – 10 votes
• Enable BPM automation – 9 votes
• Redo sorting on Users page – 9 votes
• Implement search function for projects in the studio – 8 votes
• Implement a collab feature – 7 votes
• Add a sampler – 7 votes
• Add more plug-ins in the studio – 7 votes
• Enable MIDI file export and save – 6 votes
• Enable users to create a playlist + organize tracks into albums – 5 votes
• Enable comment threading – 5 votes
Don’t see your ideas here? Got some bugs reports? Share your suggestions and feedback here. We’ll review and add them to the list every month!
Updated: 6 March 2019


3 hours ago

can you also add republishing tracks so that i can fix a conversion error or to fix something i didn't hear

5 hours ago

Yeah thats not a bad idea

Unique Alias
5 hours ago

AMEN @oft that would be sick

6 hours ago

Just got a new IPS monitor and the white on the community screens is so bright, I know its super niche but could we get a community dark mode like twitter or youtube?

Soundation Crew
7 hours ago

@U/A Ok that's not good. PM me all the info and we'll check for you what might be up.

@Vizal Being able to customize the grid snapping should fix this. Will take this as a feature request!

@ChordsBoy Should I delete that account for you?

Unique Alias
8 hours ago

ok now i'm actually mad. i was working up a storm on some midtempo... 3 hours of work, saved once. 2 hours of work down the drain. seriously.

9 hours ago

When i play in the studio, it kinda sounds to much in the beginning. After a second it sounds normal again.

Soundation Crew
9 hours ago

@Toqst Did you maybe leave the studio inactive for more than 30 mins? 🧐

@SLOCM3Z If the reverb tail is too long, try decreasing the size?

@Trillan It's the opposite of a pyramid scheme!

Soundation Crew
9 hours ago

@U/A I like the idea of having a Top active users page! As for the studio crashing, can you PM me your computer specs and project's name?

@Tenebris The skip back button seems to work ok on my end. Wonder if it's because your project is big. What's the name of your project?

@Weckzey How is the wub bass sounding off in your studio?

10 hours ago

lmao i'd say just use automation but as we are all aware lol