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Created April 28, 2019

GRAWT!PS - Tips & Techniques

My name is GRAWL!X, and this is the amalgamation of my 6+ years of Soundation experience.

Back when I was a new musician, one of the groups I frequented was called “Andreas’ Tips n’ Tricks”. It was a special little group where users would submit new techniques they found and share it with the entire community. Today I aim to create a group with the same general concept.

Over the next several months, I will post my own techniques and sounds on here with examples explaining exactly how to do them. My hope is that people can use my trademark sounds in their own way and make tons of new music. I’ll do my best to make sure that these sounds are possible with or without a paid account, but there will be exceptions.

GRAWT!PS #1 – The Fretless Pad

(1) Open the GM-2

(2) Select ‘Fretless Bass’ under the ‘Bass’ Tab

(3) Turn the Attack knob up to around 300 ms

(4) Add a reverb with around 90% size, 100% wet and 0% dry (this part is optional, this just makes the sound much smoother).

(5) Add an Equalizer with 60% on Lows and Highs and 50% on the Mids.

(6) Enjoy!

GRAWT!PS #2 – The GRAWL!X Pluck

(1) Open the GM-2 and select the Sine Wave under the Synth Lead category.

(2) Turn the Sustain knob down to 21%, and the Release knob down to 80ms.

(3) Copy the effects in this image in the order they are numbered. These effects exist for the purpose of the reverby feel — they are not required to making the plucky sound.

(4) Enjoy!

GRAWT!IPS #3 – The Lo-fi Piano

(1) Open the GM-2 and select the Rhodes Piano under the Piano section.

(2) The only 2 necessary effects needed for this sound are the Degrader and the Delay.

(3) Set the Gain on the Degrader to 5%, the Rate to 11%, the Reduction to 0% and the Mix to 12%.

(4) Set the Time Left and Time Right on the Delay to 5ms and 9ms respectively. Turn Feedback and Filter to 10%, and Wet to 100%. Leave dry untouched.

(5) The example provided has extra effects to further exaggerate this sound. To perfectly replicate the sound of the example please copy the effects of this image.

(6) Enjoy!