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Created November 29, 2015

Goat T!me Remix Contest

The Remix Contest For My New Track Goat T!me Has Arrived! It isn’t posted on Soundation Yet But you can listen On Soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/bradley-steven-leithal/goat-time-dubstep
The Contest will start on December 2nd And Will End After Christmas Is Completely Over on January 2nd.
I know some people might not have time to complete this in a month but try your best. The date will be extended if there aren’t enough entries.

Rules: Use Soundation and don’t try to mimic the original, it is made entirely from Soundation, but you can use a different studio, (but if you do, your score [Counted by votes] will be degraded by 1 Point])

REWARDS! (You guys’s favorite part! :D
1st Place & 2nd Place
- Get A Place for your remix on the Wejamm Entertainment Goat T!me Single
(My Cousin and I’s Label)
- Feature On Group Page
3rd and Above
- Collaboration With Me :D (Optional)
4th and Above
- Get A Follow from me if I haven’t followed already.
5th and Above
- Get A Like On The Remix.



ER_0R (And-Die) Avatar
ER_0R (And-Die)
almost 8 years ago

thanks Bruno :) But if you ever get time you can always edit your remix to make it better before the contest ends. You still have 21 days for it still (plus more if there arent enough entries) :)

Bruno Note  Avatar
Bruno Note
almost 8 years ago

I'm on it! I've come a good bit on the remix already

ER_0R (And-Die) Avatar
ER_0R (And-Die)
almost 8 years ago

I just realized I made a double-negative in the Description pertaining to studios xD

overdoze Avatar
almost 8 years ago

I can remix it in 15 minutes if you want :p Festi Trap :)

g Avatar
almost 8 years ago

I have a huge remix collab and other collabs too so this will be delayed

ER_0R (And-Die) Avatar
ER_0R (And-Die)
almost 8 years ago

its fine guys, like i said if people need more time im willing to extend the date :)

BaconBurger Avatar
almost 8 years ago

I'm just a bystander, I need to work on a few songs, including a collab and a remix for Cyclosa. Sorry :/

Clever Whiz  Avatar
Clever Whiz
almost 8 years ago

don't know whether I will be able to do a remix, got a couple of projects I need to work on.