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Created March 22, 2013


Hey there is no limit to who can join the only rules are:
1.Have your own music that fits you
2.Be Nice
3.Everyone is one in the same so you all fit in.
4.Post at least one of your songs so we can understand you.
5. Finally dont make fun of others cause you can get banned.
So enjoy I hope some of you become the next generation of music.


Unorthadox Avatar
over 9 years ago

Thank you, Delta! I don't mind being obscure, I just really enjoy music! By the way, Delta, you should join my group. Just go to my page and check it out. ^-^

DJ FurMental Avatar
DJ FurMental
over 9 years ago

Knarlow I love your tracks keep it going you'll get discovered soon :)

Unorthadox Avatar
over 9 years ago

So, posted my brand new guitarstep original work. I like. Feedback is appreciated.

Unorthadox Avatar
over 9 years ago

Posted my first Soundation track, thanks for listening. Feedback is always appreciated.

Becca Avatar
over 9 years ago

Hey, 'Voiced' was my very first soundation so thought i'd post that one... not my best but i'm working on it. Hopefully better tracks to come. :)

X-Minor Avatar
over 9 years ago

Hey, decided to join someone obscure. I posted my Soundation-library made track Thread. It's not what I usually do, so cut me some slack. I have a SoundCloud with an album uploaded, all free for download here: https://soundcloud.com/xminorofficial Thanks for listening, and I'll start original works on Soundation when I'm a bit more comfortable with the studio.