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Created February 16, 2013

Freedom Fighters for Music

You don’t have to have political music to join. Just music you pour your heart into even every time you play a note. Not music dedicated to the chasing of money, fame, and the objectification of females. The whole point is to play it smart, and don’t let anyone control the way you produce. Whether you got some headbanging metal or wubbing dubstep, you should have the freedom to produce your way without materialistic worries. I disabled voting because I don’t believe in it when it comes to passionate artists. Anybody could join because it’s all about freedom of music. I believe everyone who is talented and has heart in their music should be accepted and have their piece of the pie. Peace. Also, arguing trolling and fighting is not allowed. Thank you.


Keny Labrador Avatar
Keny Labrador
over 8 years ago

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