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Created November 11, 2016

Electronic Sound Design Wars

-—-Credit to Phoenix for the group name idea (SNG wars)———

I’m Pulse, you know me, and I’ve recently been trying to test Soundation’s limits. I love dubstep sound design, but suck at arranging it. So, that’s why I made this group. This group is solely for sound design, particularly in dubstep, but I’ll also throw in some other genres like trap or future.


So, every month or so I’ll post a clip from a track, usually dubstep. It’s usually just a short sample, usually one patch. The deal is, You have to replicate the sound as accurately as possible. But here’s the catch: It has to be 100% Soundation. The winner will be whoever replicated the sound the best. The Sounds I’ll post will range from sounds like the Zomboy “Invaders” lead bass to the Infamous Spag Heddy “Vibrato Screech.” All sounds will be hard to mimic, and even harder to accurately replicate in Soundation. At the end of every year, there will be a grand prize handed out to the person with the most credits. Each round will have a max amount of credits, which will be handed out to each participator according to their entries in comparison to each other.


Since this isn’t just a one time thing, we will only have prizes for the first place winner.
1) I use your sound in one of my songs and add (Ft. [Winner’s Name]) in the song title.
2) Feature in this group
3) 1 free download of any song of mine
4) Bragging Rights


1) Join the Group
2) Listen to the Audio featured in this group
3) Open Soundation Studio
4) Use the SYNTHESIZERS (No Loops or Samples!) in Soundation studio to remake the audio featured in this group
5) Publish the finished patch and post it to this group
6) Export the .sng file and PM it w/ me using dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive, etc. If you do not know how to do this, PM me for help
7)Wait till the due date


2) You may use tutorials, but you must cite the tutorial you used in the description of the published patch
3) Post your patch to this group and it will be scored
4) Try Hard!


There are 50 pts possible
5/50 Mastering
5/50 Efficiency
5/50 Easy to work with
15/50 Accuracy
10/50 Frequencies
10/50 Sound Design Quality
10/50 Automation/Modulation

May the odds be ever in your favor…

First Patch: Nanomake Talking Bass
Credits: 75
Due Date 1/17/16
The sample will be uploaded once 5 people have entered the contest.


AMT Avatar
about 7 years ago

No, just the main synth

Chordial Avatar
about 7 years ago

also should we include all the layers including the white noise?

AMT Avatar
about 7 years ago

Of course

Chordial Avatar
about 7 years ago

can we use more than one channel?

AMT Avatar
about 7 years ago

First Patch is out! Remake away!

AMT Avatar
about 7 years ago

@panther you remake a professional sound using only soundation >:)

AMT Avatar
about 7 years ago

@panther nope read the rules. Chromeclouds you'll see

[this project has concluded] Avatar
[this project has concluded]
about 7 years ago

welcome to my torture....