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Created August 04, 2012


This is a group were anyone can join that creates music in the elctronica, dub or hip hop catagory feel free to join.
Oh an a few rules, have fun, be nice, an show ur skills to a maximum!


M-possible Avatar
over 9 years ago

Pay very good attention to this track http://soundation.com/user/MusicExtreme/track/simple-mixed

paulinaomel Avatar
almost 10 years ago

Hey, look at my track. Do u like my music?

music man 999 Avatar
music man 999
about 10 years ago

Need 2 gain experience but should be another contributing member.

Eversor Avatar
over 10 years ago

You should listen this, I've not used sounds from the library! ;) http://soundation.com/user/eversor/track/crash

_Matias_ Avatar
almost 11 years ago

hey check my music out. Im just starting out though.

ba55mon5t3r Avatar
almost 11 years ago

all members of this group try an get as many people as possible to come an join this group an if we get enough members then i might think of making a little contest for fun!

sythisizer dude Avatar
sythisizer dude
almost 11 years ago

"Mix!" sounds like something i'd make.

sythisizer dude Avatar
sythisizer dude
almost 11 years ago

yo, ba55mon5t3r! i love all that music you make. could you teach me how you got all the jorney sounding stuff i sink? if you did, that would be awsome. thanks.