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Shoutouts for all! (Djing Fun) Group Profile Picture
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Created October 19, 2018

Shoutouts for all! (Djing Fun)

This group is so beginner dj’s can have fun on producing their tracks, as well as being noticed and shout out- every one who does join will be shout out on their best track with the most votes, as well as the people who worked really hard on those tracks as well.
I will be responsible for this group, you guys can just post as much as you want, comment as you want there is no limitations.

1) Do not be rude or post something negative on a track. unless you give a little advice a positive way.

I will not be featuring my own tracks. but i will say that i just want to have fun and not let this be a full on war competition there is no winners or losers. Just Fun.

See ya’ll in the Pm’s or the comments section.


WordOfTheDayIsYay Avatar
over 5 years ago

Hey, I guess I should introduce myself. I’m WordOfTheDayIsYay and I’m kinda in between having no clue what i’m doing and making actually good music. Any feedback on my tracks would be greatly appreciated, cause I really want to improve my music!