Created November 22, 2020

Distorted records

Distorted records is a music company started by Boxhead, and Calico. If you are reading this it means one of your songs is enjoyable. On this group you will get updates on what is happening with Distorted records. You can post your songs on here, And you will have a chance to get one of your songs on Monstercat. Please be respectful to one another. No self promoting unless asked to. As a Distorted artist you agree to listen to everything we say, no matter what it is. If something is to go wrong, and we lose our label, your tracks are your tracks. You can be an artist for as long as you want there are no limitations yet. You will be required to make a good song every 3 months, or you will lose your contract. You will only get one chance, if you mess up you will be done.


21 days ago

thx! glad to be a part of the record label.

22 days ago

Welcome Chri5

Distorted records.
about 2 months ago

Congrats Beemzhy for being the first official member of Distorted records.