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Created October 19, 2014

Come join!

Come join! No invites or anything. Become a member just by following!

Compititons will be everyother Friday. You HAVE to vote, or else no one will win.

If your song is really good, or is the top 3 of votes, then mail me, and your song could be featured!

There are no requirements to be in this group, only that you follow the group and me. You will NOT ever be kicked out of the group unless you are harassing people, which probably wont happen.

Don’t forget to listen to my tracks too. Please follow my music. Greatly appreciated :)



Madison Lopez  Avatar
Madison Lopez
about 8 years ago

Sorry I haven't been on in a while guys. I'm planning on making a rock band next year, so rn I'm starting a job to raise up money to make my new album. I should be selling some songs later this year! The title of my band will be The Dark Muses. I will need 4 women in my band who would like to join later next year who live in Mineral Wells tx. or anywhere near Dallas!

spencer yeaman Avatar
spencer yeaman
over 8 years ago

i won the friday compition

spencer yeaman Avatar
spencer yeaman
over 8 years ago

hey guys please vote for emoji or gravity as they took forever so plz vote

1DRLND Avatar
over 9 years ago

Hey everybody!! I just joined, and I only posted a few of my tracks. Check out my profile for all tracks :) I'd really appreciate any advice and feedback you would give me on any of my works. Thanks everybody!! and be sure to follow my tracks, 'cause why not?!

pryzm Avatar
over 9 years ago

Hey guys I made a remix of We'll Be Coming Back by Calvin Harris! Check it out and leave a like thanks guys! http://soundation.com/user/ttdf/track/clavin-harris-we-ll-be-coming-back-t-t-d-f-remix-finished