Created May 20, 2020

Collab Contest!

As some of you may know, my favorite type of music is electric. This can be electronica, EDM, etc. Prizes: First place, follow by me and a shoutout on my profile AND I will suggest that song that you made to be featured AND I will like the song you made. Second place, follow by me, I will like the song you made and I will give you a 2 – day long shoutout on my profile. Third place, I will like your song and you will get a follow from me. RULES: You and your group can only post one song. I will choose the winners by the end of June. Now stop reading the description and go show what you can do!


Is the contest still on oh no did i miss it :(

It took a while to get them in sink with the melody but we finally did it, if you listen closely there are some instrument channels in the songs too, the process of the developing of the song was around 2 months and we are quite proud to show to all of you thx

Hi everybody, this was my first collab with 'The Mysterious Narwhal' be sure to check him out too, Its called Stargazing with a orchestra theme with brass combined, pls also check me out too some time thx

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How do you guys like my song

Bxby Beast♪
over 1 year ago

I ignore the one I just posted

Bxby Beast♪
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