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Created September 15, 2017

Coding For Soundation

Welcome to Coding For Soundation! A group/class devoted to the online community by Gage!

Chapter 1 Project

Throughout the class, your assignments will be project based. It will help test your skills.

For your first assignment, You will need to go into Paint or any related program and recreate the basic layout displayed in Coding For Soundation.

You won’t be graded on neatness.

You will be graded on a few things.

Order: Is it ordered correctly?
Names: Are the names right?

Basically you have to put the right codes in.


You will have to do it by memory. (Though i know you can just look it up on Google. Don’t try this. It’s a very easy class and grade.) I take the chapter down from the group when your assignment is up. But to be nice I keep the chapter linked.

Even though you’ll be using Quizlet for notes/definitions, you’ll need to send the file to me through either email (gagewellsmusic@gmail.com) or through PM using Tinyupload.com. When you do, make sure to state your Soundation name. Either in the file or in the email.


jdyk1234 Avatar
about 6 years ago

New track! plz plz plz check it out! https://soundation.com/user/ulalalmexico1738k6333/track/evolution

Dwight Greenwood  Avatar
Dwight Greenwood
over 6 years ago

I will be changing the style of this group soon. ill just post up codes and html for easy use