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Created June 18, 2012

Bronies of the Music World

Where brony DJ’s are highly supported :)


NSB Brony
over 6 years ago

Hello! I am new to this group, and i would like some opinions on my music, especially The Sun will Rise Again (BROHOOF!)

almost 8 years ago


over 8 years ago

no one is active.. i don't think...

over 8 years ago

is anyone still active in this group?

over 8 years ago


Derpy Hooves
almost 9 years ago

I'm new to the group.Please send me any info i need to know to my gmail inbox

almost 9 years ago

Hi, who here thinks that I should remix some of SimGretina's tracks?

almost 9 years ago

Hi everypony. I may be a little new at making tracks and such but I can tell you I have fun with it <3 Check out my newest tracks and contact me if you have questions <3

about 9 years ago

Check out my newest track dedicated to Vinyl - Deep Groove. I am going to be releasing a ton of brony mixes, tracks, and sometime in the future PMVs. I would love to hear feedback or to leave feedback on your tracks. I will be taking requests for tracks and remixes. Thank you!

about 9 years ago

Wow incredible tracks ppl i love the ones tbat use the virtual instruments