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Created September 10, 2012

Andreas Tips N' Tricks

Hello everyone.
I’m Andreas and I worked as the Production Manager here at Soundation/PowerFX. Part of my work was constantly testing and developing Soundation’s features and trying to come up with ideas of how we can do things better. While doing this I sometimes stumble across some really cool ways of creating sounds and I thought I should start to share them with you guys. If you have any tips you would like to share pm me with a short description (what it is, how you would use it and how you create it) and link to an audio example.

How To: Create a Powerful Gliding Sub by Tydal Wave

1) Open the mono
2) Change it to Preset 1.
3)Add lowpass filter, keep cutoff under 150hz (around 60 is the best)
4) Try to only use the 3rd and 2nd octaves, those work best for subs.
5) Add an equalizer and have the low side no smaller than 40 and no larger than 75. 6) (Optional) Add reverb and fiddle with it until you find a sound that you like (Brass preset is what works best for me)
7) Have fun!

Check out the audio example: Powerful Gliding Sub

How to create a Melodic SuperSaw by Crescendo:

1. Add a SuperSaw channel.
2. Open up Edit Instrument on the SuperSaw Channel
3. Turn decay and sustain to 100%
4. Turn Detune down to 5% and turn down release to 10%.
5. Keep attack down to 0%.
1. Add a Reverb with the Huge Tail preset and turn down the Size by 10%
2. Add a delay with the Oh Yeah preset and turn up the Wet by 5%
OPTIONAL: Add a compressor with the Bass Running Hot preset.
Recommended to be played in a higher octave.

Check out the audio example: Melodic Supersaw

How To: Create a Heavy Bass by Tydal Wave

1)Open Simple Channel
2)Oscillators-Triangle, Saw, Sine,Triangle
3)Set volume on Oscillators 1 and 2 to 100, and 3 and 4 to 0
4)Set Pitch on Oscillators 1 and 2 to -24,with detune on number 2 at +27 cents
5)In filter envelope, set Decay to 73%
6)In Amp envelope, set Decay and Sustain to 100%. Set Release to 13%
7)On filter, set cuttof to 15% and Resonance to 3%
8)Add a filter. Lowpass, cuttoff around 820Hz, resonance 100%
9)Add a second filter, Highpass, cutoff around 60 Hz, resonance 100%
10)Add Distortion, Foldback type
11)Add reverb, Size 89% Damp 67% Width 100% Wet 9% and Dry 100%
12)Add a second Reverb, do not modify it
13)Add yet another filter, lowpass, cutoff around 14000 HZ, Resonance 15%
14)Add a Fakie, make no modifications
15)Add a compresser Attack 9 % Release 12% Ratio 70% Threshold 70 % and Gain to 58 %
16)Load up an new instrument channel with GM-2, set it to sine wave and copy the notes

Check out the audio example: Heavy Bass

How To: Create a Dream Synth by KRackEdEkHo

1)Load up the Supersaw Instrument in the blue channel.
2)Add Filter, Reverb with Lush tail preset, Delay, Compressor with Electric Guitar preset, Phaser with Subtle preset and a Limiter to the FX chain.

Check out the audio example: Dream Synth

How To: Create a Gun Shot by MΛ➩ŁΔCҚY

1)Load up the SPC Instrument in the blue channel.
2)Chose the “electro house” kit.
3)Select the clap and put the pitch all the way to the left-side. (-24) And put the gain up to 100%.
4) Add reverb for nice echo effect.

Check out the audio example: Gun Shot

How To: Create a talking bass by BackBonez

1) Open WUB machine on distorted throat 2) Make oscillator 1 a square oscillator and put it on -12 and put PAN to center 3) Make oscillator 2 a saw oscillator and put it on +12 4) Make a triangle LFO at 19% speed 5) Go to FX and add a degrader of choice. Preferably wrecked 6) Add a vocals reverb if you want to.

Check out the audio example: Talking Bass

How To: Create a sick wobble by SiKKaH

1. Open the Wub Machine. 2. In the Analog Filter Section, change it to lowpass, and change the cutoff to 20hz. 3. In the LFO Section set the Speed to 21% and the Type of wave to the first one. 4. On OSC1 change the wave type to the first one, pitch to -21 and OSC Shape to 35 5. On OSC2 change pitch to -12, change the type to the third one, 6. Change MSL, Filth, and Unison to fit your liking, and enjoy!

Check out the audio example: Sick Wobble

How To: Create a choir-like synth by XJM

This is excellent for those looking for a deep, “heavenly” choir like sound. There are two ways to generate this but the easiest way is with the SuperSaw. The two most important parts you need are two filters, one Lowpass with CutOff around 667Hz and Resonance around 60% and one Highpass with Cutoff around 819Hz and Res around 90%. (This is called a bandpass filter) Release should be raised so you get that tail at the end. Raise the attack to wherever feels most comfortable to you so long as it is NOT staccato (short attacks). Tune the SuperSaw up a little bit but keep it detuned. You can add a Reverb to make it sound as if it’s being “sung” in a church or cathedral of some kind. Best range for this sound is between C4 and C5 give or take one or two notes. You can also do this with the Simple virtual instrument just set everything to Saw and detune. Same effects and instrument settings.

Check out the audio example: Synth Choir

How To: Create a huge sub bass

Fat sub basses are of course the foundation of any bass driven music style such as Drum n Bass or Dubstep but can be used in virtually any music style for great effect. If your bass sound lack power layer this sound with your original bass and it will sound positively huge! Ok here is how to do it. Load The Wub Machine and select the Clean Sub preset. Now add the Degrader FX to the channel and choose the preset Bad Recording. After Degrader load a Filter and choose Low Pass with a CutOff frequency of 500Hz.
Check out the audio example: BIG BOOOOOOOOOM!


banskii Avatar
almost 4 years ago


Xephyr Avatar
over 8 years ago

If I wanted to add a tutorial for a even more powerful gliding sub, would I contact you first?

Andreas Avatar
over 8 years ago

Added a really nice gliding sub by Tydal Wave. Check this out it can be really useful in any genre!

Jordan Galati Avatar
Jordan Galati
almost 9 years ago

This isn't a question about how to make music, but why did backbonez just quit? You can't find any traces of backbonez on the internet, he was the best on here, so why did he give up?

Jordan Galati Avatar
Jordan Galati
almost 9 years ago

This isn't a question about how to make music, but why did backbonez just quit? You can't find any traces of backbonez on the internet, he was the best on here, so why did he give up?

DUTCH Avatar
almost 9 years ago

@Andreas too bad for me I already finished my summer dance track... but still thanks for that I can use that for other projects :)

Andreas Avatar
almost 9 years ago

@Lostdutchmen. They key to getting a good kick sound for any EDM is just that, tune the body of the kick sound in key with the rest of the instruments. Then EQ to fit with the bassline or vice versa as they tend to occupy the same frequency range.

DUTCH Avatar
almost 9 years ago

I NEED HELP!!! How do I create an good kick for dance/summer dance?

XJM Avatar
about 9 years ago

Got a little trick i want to share when creating some hearty kicks. This should be especially useful to free users. The trick for these really hearty kicks is all in the degrader and Distortion effects. If you are working with the Drum Machine, Kit 9 seems to provide the best result but should work with all percussive sounds. In the degrader: keep the reduction almost a max (you can experiment in increments). Clip and Foldback distortion and feel free to play with the gain. http://soundation.com/user/dj-xjm/track/148_hardstart-3-with-the-drum-machine

ONIX (D.E.A.D.E.N.D.) Avatar
about 9 years ago

http://soundation.com/group/kracked-ekho-s-wubwub-creator hey guys KE made a group to make his signature filthy wubs :D.