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Created June 26, 2015

Brony/Pegasister Musicans

Hi!Its us!The MLP fandom group on soundation!We publish our own made music.Not only you can publish songs over the original MLP FIM characters,also over your OC’s!Come and be a treu,brave brony/pegasister musican here!
Before joining this group,you have to know the rules.
1.you dont have to be a brony/pegasister,if you’d like to just post Mlp music it’s fine.
2.DONNOT!Join if you dont like MLP and if you hate it.If you just make and post mlp music(see rule 1),you can join.
3.Be nice!If you dont like something,don’t rage out like:OMGG ITS A FAT KID OF 1 MAKING MUSIC!!!Same with replying.Just stay calm.
4.No hate
5.No rant
6.Be Awesome!/)*(\