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little hollow  Avatar
little hollow
almost 5 years ago

You've had this song on soundation longer than ive been here lol

 QL-Sound Labs Avatar
QL-Sound Labs
about 5 years ago

@Skilldoge check your PM it's pretty simple once you know what effects to use in the vocal channel

Skilldoge Avatar
about 5 years ago

How in your other songs is your vocal audio quality so good? Please tell me, I really need to FINALLY add my lyrics into my song Picture Frame, and other future songs. Just tell me if you use soundation, or how to insert the audio into soundation. (PM me)

Brixden Beatz #F I X Avatar
Brixden Beatz #F I X
about 5 years ago

This is dope af!!!

 QL-Sound Labs Avatar
QL-Sound Labs
about 5 years ago

some of my earlier Artist Mash work that I never posted .... I hope you guys enjoy ....I actually don't know any of the artist used in this track, 'these were just vocal samples picked up from here and there and arranged in a song form, just to test myself, didn't turn out to bad so I thought I'd share