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about 2 years ago

wow wow

Ezio Auditore
almost 5 years ago

Wow just wow that's all I can say right now it's that good

KryptiK BeatZ
about 5 years ago


[this project has concluded]
over 5 years ago

#teamnightmare time

KryptiK BeatZ
over 5 years ago

thank you DjEcho and StillJaywalking =) @phantom haha if you wanna get into my type of hihats then listen to a bunch of RnBass and Dirty South Electronic/Trap

Still Jaywalking
over 5 years ago


over 5 years ago

And there you go again... See this is what I'm talking about man. Everything really does have a lot more going on. P.S. Every hip hop producer is #teamnightmare on halloween.

5am (Formally DJ Echo)
over 5 years ago

Ayy This is dope

KryptiK BeatZ
over 5 years ago

thanks homie, and yeah it is lol

over 5 years ago

this is so good. is that august alsina in that picture tho?